Sophia Yhlen: Hellow ! :D
roddan1: Hi Sophia :)
roddan1: Everything alright ?
Selerz: Hi, thanks for the t-shirt!
Sophia Yhlen: How are you guys today ? ;) ready?
roddan1: jupp iam ready
Selerz: (y)
roddan1: i think so atleast
Indiankobran: Oblivion time!
roddan1: Hi Indiankobra
Lauritzen94: Wuptidu, whatup!
roddan1: When did this game came out ?
over: Not complaining but with so many games to play why replay same game within such a short time ?
Selerz: Good game :)
roddan1: Hi over , Lauritzen
Indiankobran: So Sophia. What do you think of the other Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim?
Lauritzen94: Hey
Indiankobran: Hi there.
Selerz: @GRstream
Indiankobran: Oblivion or Skyrim, which do you like the best?
roddan1: I I think Sofia looking forward to the witcher 3 :)
Selerz: Vampirism!
oswaldocarillo: Vampirism is cool, yeah!
Indiankobran: What do you think about Elder Scrolls Online?
roddan1: me to
Selerz: Best thing to do on second date?
Indiankobran: Im pretty sure they will stream that next tuesday. Thats gonna be great.
Selerz: ESO?
Indiankobran: No, The Witcher.
roddan1: Yepp agree next tuesday= very good
Indiankobran: Does this game have any trophies?
roddan1: Is it a big crazy map to explore in this game?
oswaldocarillo: Oh man, I miss Cyrodiil!
Selerz: Yeah, and Vvardenfell
oswaldocarillo: I didn't play Morrowind :(
Selerz: Too bad.
Indiankobran: No, I asked about Oblivion. I'll ask about the Witcher next week.
oswaldocarillo: Sophia, you should be Champion of The Arena and then kill the adoring fan! :D
roddan1: red snake from Game of thrones
roddan1: :)
Selerz: ^^
oswaldocarillo: Cheydenhall is pretty. Bruma is just snowy.
Selerz: Find vampires
Sophia Yhlen: And
Indiankobran: And?
oswaldocarillo: Are you going to fight Umbra?
Indiankobran: If this game had trophies, would you then get the platinum?
roddan1: Would like to see a boss fight happen?
oswaldocarillo: Go and find the ghost fisherman near Leyawiin or whatever the city is called. I liked that quest.
Indiankobran: Are there any dragons in there somewhere?
kubris: hi :)
roddan1: Is just me who think this gamer eminds of Game of Thrones?
kubris: Good ol' Oblivion - looks much better than what I remember.
Chiki: Makes me wanna play Skyrim :D
kubris: I just tuned in. What race are you playing as?
roddan1: slay slay
kubris: HamsterMan <3
Dóri Halldórsson: hey guys, just to let you know, the winners of yesterdays competition are : Sejefyr and Kaboka
Dóri Halldórsson: as selected by a random list generator out of all the correct answers
roddan1: oki
roddan1: Hi Dori
Dóri Halldórsson: I will be sending out all the prices from this week tomorrow so hopefully the postman will shake a leg and get them to you as fast as possible
over: what was the comp yesterday ?
Dóri Halldórsson: pretty easy actually, just emailing me the year that the first wolfenstein came out
Dóri Halldórsson: sometimes I like throwing softballs :p
Dóri Halldórsson: I gotta get back to editing but get Sophia to murder some NPC's!
roddan1: haha
over: Ok, but doesnt matter if its easy of not if you are not here to watch the stream:D
kubris: Stab him in the heart.
Dóri Halldórsson: indeed
Dóri Halldórsson: so tune in! :D
roddan1: You have courage in you Sofia, just slay a little bit :)
kubris: KEEL HIIIM
kubris: Introduce your Katana to his eye sockets
kubris: I wish the combat gameplay was more like Chivalry.
Selerz: Have you played Fallout 3 or New Vegas?
Sebbeza: Omg, like Chivalry but with magic... That would've been awesome!
Selerz: Bruma looks awesome.
roddan1: Beer botle , nice :D
Selerz: Nice prices
over: thats nice prices :P
over: the game or that bag <3
Dóri Halldórsson: Fallout? isn't that like Skyrim but with guns?
Dóri Halldórsson: :D
roddan1: Think so :P
over: Never played an elderscrols game but they talk about vampires much so thats my favorite race LOL :P
over: Elder scroll*s
over: Elder scrolls*
kubris: You can become a vampire. But it's serously an annoyance
roddan1: Iam sry, i've missed all those games :(
Selerz: Imperial, it has always been my favorite race. I think it's mainly because it's the only race I can relate to. Cyrodiil is the homeland of the Imperials and the capital of the Empire. I usually go human in most games where there are multipile races and I find the Imperials the most interesting in the Elder Scrolls games. I've played III, IV and V and I've always gone Imperial as my main character even though I've tried out the other races.
over: Its a nice reminder of doom 3, never played it on PC since my pc at the time sucked so even if i dont win i might see if i can get ahold of it to play it :)
over: Is it a good game ?
Selerz: :)
Selerz: Oblivion, such a classic!
roddan1: haha
Selerz: Too much skooma
Selerz: Such a variety of landscapes, you could just explore all day
Selerz: ^^
kubris: I like Khajiit. I generally prefer a stealthy approach in games that allows you to do so. They're agile and acrobatic, soundless. I usually like to max out in stealth attributes as a thief. It's a cool way to explore the world of Oblivion (and any other sandbox or RPG). With stealth build you engage in this amazing phantasy world in a much different way.
LaserDragon X: Hi Sophia! :D Nice to see you revisit this game :) Sorry I´m a little late to this stream :) Nice glasses you have on you ^^ Blow me a kiss ;) hihi :* <3
over: that sounds like every creep on twitch :P
Selerz: Best atmosphere.
LaserDragon X: Okay, I will come up with something good :) Love to get some swag stuff from you ^^ I got my poster yesterday, looks so cool :D Now i have Wolfeinstein all over my wall :P
LaserDragon X: Is this game out on Steam btw? :)
Selerz: My t-shirt is cooler :)
Dóri Halldórsson: It is on Steam yes
LaserDragon X: Haha, hi Selerz :P Yeah, i wished for the t-shirt instead with the Wolfenstein logo but i got some posters at least :P
Selerz: If you install mods, it's best to do it one at the time so things don't go crazy.
Selerz: Very easy for things to go incompatible in Oblivion and other Elder Scrolls games.
Dóri Halldórsson: We are running about 11 graphical mods right now
Selerz: Awesome! that's the right amount, it's best to have a few mods and not very many.
Selerz: Once, I modded Oblivion so much that NPC's got yellow triangles as heads.
kubris: dat yellow triangle head tho
Selerz: That luck!
LaserDragon X: I really love the Imperials, also known as Cyrodilics, they are from Cyrodil, the province in the center of Tamirel. They are well-educated, wealthy and well-spoken in Tamriel :) They have tuled the various Empires of Tamriel for over 2.000 years :) I really like their backstory, and they feel overpowered. And I really like them cause I feel they reflect over what character I would like to be in Elder Scrolls. They have greater aprecciation for magic, art, commerce :) In the Elder Scrools online game you could buy the Imperial Edition which lets you play all races as an Imperial, and you can craft Imperial clothes, weapon and such. I really love it :D I love their cool armor and weps and their skills. I also love that their often have a Latin name, Cause when i play RGP games i often use Latin names, cause they have a deeper meaning ;) So, my best race of choice is the Imperial :D
Selerz: Wolves :)
Selerz: You should watch out for werewolves!
LaserDragon X: It looked funny when you attacked the wolf at all angles xD Would love to play this game with you, as long as I don´t suprise you so suddenly so your starting to attack me :P
LaserDragon X: Climb the mountain :D
over: stop being creepy ^^^
Selerz: No, maybe you're right. That's only in Morrowind and Skyrim.
LaserDragon X: This game has some creepy surroundings sometimes..I feel like this game can reaaly creep me out sometimes :) Okay, Black-ish man, a shadow maybe? xD
Selerz: Scary cult!
Patrikseve: The Zoom to faces all of a sudden is what creates the terror especially in the darkness, the smiles they have just add to it :)
LaserDragon X: Your character looks like a priest :P Which class/race are you playing? :)
LaserDragon X: Haha, how are you going to fist every opponent you meet? Haha, Wolf Gang Fist, maybe? xD
Selerz: ^^
LaserDragon X: Oh, a monk? :P I think monk and priest look-a-like in this game. My bad xD
Selerz: Monk is more badass
LaserDragon X: Yeah, Monks in Diablo 3 is bad-ass too ^^ Magic powers and summon minions! ;)
LaserDragon X: How do you feel about creating a new character and play this game from beginning with me sometime, Sophia? :D
Selerz: Potion!
over: lasse the creeper ^^
LaserDragon X: Haha, i would get jumpscares from this game xD
LaserDragon X: Haha, it´s so fun to watch you play Sophia ^^ You make this game feel more fun than it already is :)
kubris: lol
Selerz: It's a good stream, yes.
LaserDragon X: "You can...ahhhh!" xD
over: -.-
Selerz: I would love to see her play Fallout: New Vegas.
Selerz: Reminds me of the Elder scrolls games.
kubris: That's because it's the same developer
kubris: Yay!
Selerz: Yay :)
LaserDragon X: Yay! Free stuff ^^ Thank you so much Sophia :D I wish I could give you something :) Oh, Doom 3, love it. Gonna play it when I get it :) But is gonna give me jumpscares and maybe some nightmares, but eh xD
LaserDragon X: Haha, no clothes xD
LaserDragon X: I wonder what the citizens would say if you came into a pub without any clothes :P
LaserDragon X: Dusk is when the sun settles down..Dawn is when the sun rises :)
Selerz: Secret basement!
LaserDragon X: Haha, that nosexD
Selerz: Thanks for the price!
LaserDragon X: Bye, Sophia! :D Loved the stream :) See ya on Steam and next Thursday ^^
Dóri Halldórsson: Winners please send your name and address to [email protected] so i can send your prizes out tomorrow
Dóri Halldórsson: Laser dragon I have
Dóri Halldórsson: oh selerz as well
Selerz: Great!
Sophia Yhlen: Thanks you so much for joining '
Selerz: Thanks yourself, bye!