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Tekken 7

Kaneandtrench wins the King of Iron Fist UK qualifier

The tournament was the first Tekken 7 esports event in the UK.

  • Texto: Sam Bishop

The first UK esports tournament for Tekken7 took place last week in London, the King of Iron Fist UK qualifier, and some of the world's best Tekken players took part at the event, which has ESL commentators Ketchup and Mustard providing commentary.

There was strong competition in the tournament, but Kaneandtrench took home the trophy after impressive displays throughout. He won both the quarter and semi finals 2-0 and pulled out an impressive 3-1 win over top South Korean talent CherryBerryMango in the final.

He tweeted after the event, saying: "Thanks everyone for your support during the UK qualifier! Also thanks to @BandaiNamcoUK for running this great event, it was so epic!!!"

CherryBerryMango had been solid throughout the tournament, however, it wasn't enough to clinch victory, and below him in third place came CKT Adnanish from Denmark. For all the results visit the official website, and check below for some pictures from the event. Who did you expect to win?

Winner Kaneandtrench pictured middle, with the red hoodie.