Four ex-Reunited players join eUnited

The roster is now complete.

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Esports organisation Reunited recently ceased operations, however, a number of their Overwatch players have found a new home in the form of eUnited, as announced on Twitter.

Four of the previous Reunited players have made their way to eUnited, those being Thomas "Morte" Kerbusch, Harrison "Kruise" Pond, Andrei "uNFixed" Leonov, and Hendrik-William "vallutaja" Kinks. These players will stand alongside Normunds "sharyk" Faterins and Ruben "Rubikon" Zurabyan, and the six will compete under coach Elliot "Hayes" Hayes.

"Today we officially lose a tiny part of our identity; one letter to be exact!" Morte told ESPN. "We are thrilled to be part of an organisation that is growing so rapidly and is fielding many talented top teams across all platforms and games. With our most recent lineup changes we are confident we can return to the global top very soon again; that's the only place we feel at home."

Adam Stein and Jamie Daquino, owners of eUnited, also said to ESPN that they want to move the roster to the US to try and take part in the Overwatch League, which will begin this year. "It was important for eUnited to find a team that was not only extremely talented in game but also had a tremendous work ethic and passion for success," Stein and Daquino said in a statement. "Reunited and the guys on the team are not only high quality individuals that can represent our org well, but they are also phenomenal at playing Overwatch."

Is it important that a lot of this team has played together before?

Photo: Hangnam76

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