Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Jason Katz parts ways with Professional Esports Organisation

He was meant to be organising the NA CS:GO league.

Back in January, we reported that Professional Esports Organisation, or the PEA, had abandoned its plans for a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league in North America, following a lot of controversy and displeasure from players who didn't want to play exclusively in that league. Since then, we haven't heard much from the PEA, but now they've released a statement about Commissioner Jason Katz, the man meant to be organising the proposed North American CS:GO league.

"The Professional Esports Association (PEA) today announced a reorganisation of its management structure," the announcement reads. "As a result, Commissioner Jason Katz and additional staff are departing the organisation. The PEA Board of Governors will directly manage PEA affairs while a decision is made about a new organisational structure. In the interim, the PEA Board has created sub-committees to manage its ongoing business."

"The PEA Board appreciates Jason's accomplishments in organising and structuring the organisation and looks forward to further supporting the continued growth of esports."

It's unclear who the "additional staff" were and why they've parted ways with the company, but it's unsurprising that Katz is gone considering his role with the proposed CS:GO league. What's next for the PEA?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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