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Rocket League descarga Neo Tokyo

La mayor actualización jamás publicada, que también trae el showroom, la celebración de victorias, reparación de errores y más.

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Neo Tokyo es la mayor actualización jamás creada por Psyonix para su éxito Rocket League. Trae más "luces de neón, rascacielos al infinito y estilo retrofuturista" para dar color y calor a los nuevos estadios, coches, logros y accesorios que van a engordar la lista de posibilidades.

La actualización Neo Tokyo de Rocket League ya se puede descargar para Xbox One, PC y PS4. Los nuevos contenidos se suman a una recomposición del juego más elaborada, con un espacio central llamado showroom que facilita las descargas, una presentación nueva de la pantalla postpartido o un sistema de intercambio de objetos.

Pero no se queda solo en añadir contenido, también funciona como parche que repara errores y modifica comportamientos, como se puede leer en su página web o tras el vídeo.


Patch Notes v1.19 / Title Update 7

Added "Community Flags"
4Player Network
Added "Video Games"
Dying Light Flag
Dying Light Gas Tank

Added "Neo Tokyo"
Added "Pillars"

Battle-Cars (Available digitally July 18)
(DLC) Added "Esper"
(DLC) Added "Masamune"
(DLC) Added "Aftershock"
(DLC) Added "Marauder"

Decals (Available digitally July 18)
(DLC) Aftershock: Added "Copycat"
(DLC) Aftershock: Added "MIRV"
(DLC) Aftershock: Added "Seismic"
(DLC) Aftershock: Added "Tiger"
(DLC) Aftershock: Added "Tribal"
(DLC) Aftershock: Added "Wings"
(DLC) Esper: Added "Kaiju"
(DLC) Esper: Added "Mouse Cat"
(DLC) Esper: Added "Neo"
(DLC) Esper: Added "Pegasus"
(DLC) Esper: Added "Shank"
(DLC) Esper: Added "Super F3"
(DLC) Esper: Added "Super F3"
(DLC) Marauder: Added "Big Buck"
(DLC) Marauder: Added "Ruffian"
(DLC) Marauder: Added "Safari"
(DLC) Marauder: Added "Stripes"
(DLC) Marauder: Added "Vagabond"
(DLC) Marauder: Added "Wings"
(DLC) Masamune: Added " DJ Sushi"
(DLC) Masamune: Added "Otaku"
(DLC) Masamune: Added "Road Rage"
(DLC) Masamune: Added "Stars"
(DLC) Masamune: Added "Stripes"
(DLC) Masamune: Added "Wildfire"

Rocket Trails
Flamethrower Yellow (common)
Standard Green (common)

Trophies and Achievements
Mad Scientist - Play a complete match in 3 different Rocket Labs Arenas
Icing the Cake - In Snow Day, score a goal from your own side of the ice
Left Wing, Right Wing - Win a Snow Day match with both the Blue and Orange teams
Fast Break - Score at least 2 Dunks in the first minute of a Hoops game
Buzzer Beater - With 30 seconds left, win a game of Hoops in which you were tied or trailing
Budding Artist - Collect a Painted Item
One Better - Increase the level of a Certified Item
Certifiable - Earn Veteran status for your Certified Item


All-new "Showroom" feature has been added to the main menu
All purchasable cars and downloadable content have been moved to the new Showroom accessible from the main menu.
The Showroom allows you to preview premium content in 3D before buying, including full camera rotation and decal previews.
Four new Battle-cars have been added to the Showroom!
Esper and Masamune, two new premium cars designed for Neo Tokyo; Aftershock and Marauder, the Collector's Edition vehicles, are also included in this update. They are exclusive to the retail version until July 18th, after which they will be available for individual purchase in-game.
Arena changes:
The Neo Tokyo map has been added! It is based on the "Underpass" Lab map layout, and it is immediately available in all playlists, including competitive.
A new experimental map, "Pillars", has been added to the "Rocket Labs" playlist.
"Underpass" and "Double Goal" have been removed from the "Rocket Labs" playlist.
End of Game Spotlight
After the conclusion of each match, the winning team will now be spotlighted in the center of the field, allowing players to show off. They can jump, dodge, and spin to do tricks, and can show off their battle-cars and boost trails.
Each player can earn up to two medals for their match performance. For example, you are a "Prodigy" if you score 3-5 goals.
Quick Chat Updates
Each Quick Chat message can now be customized by selecting from a larger list of preset messages.
The default quick chat for "Centering!" has been changed to "Need Boost!". "Centering!" is still available as part of the full list for players that preferred it.
Post-Game Quick Chats have been added! They replace the "Informational" bindings once the match ends, and can also be customized. Don't forget to "gg" after matches!
New Items Rarities!
New "Rare" and "Very Rare" Item Drops will now be found after online matches. These item quality features all-new Neo Tokyo-themed drops, rare decals, and very rare boost trails for you to discover and equip!
Introducing new Item Attributes
Item Attributes are rare bonus properties that sometimes come with an online item drop.
The "Painted" attribute recolors an existing item. Wheels and Toppers can now be discovered with this attribute.
The "Certified" attribute makes that item track a specific statistic while equipped in online matches. As you earn more stats with a particular item, it will gain an increasingly prestigious title.
Trade In System
You can now trade in duplicate "Uncommon" and "Rare" item drops. Trading in five items of one quality will return one item of the next highest quality. For example, trading in five uncommon items will yield one rare item.
To access the Trade In system, navigate to the "Manage Inventory" option that's been added to the Garage submenu.
Players can now assign car movement and orientation to mouse axes to better accommodate players with disabilities.
The main menu music has been updated to: Hollywood Principle - Seeing What's Next (Kevin Frey Remix)

Season 2 has ended! All players will be granted the following rewards based on their highest skill tier reached over the course of Season 2:
Prospect I or higher - Season 2 Prospect Boost
Challenger I or higher - Season 2 Challenger Boost
Rising Star or higher - Season 2 Star Boost
Champion or higher - Season 2 Champion Boost
Grand Champion - "Season 2 Grand Champion" Title
Players will also receive the rewards for all tiers below the highest they reached.
Competitive Season 3 Begins!
All competitive skill ratings have been reset to give everyone a fresh start as the second year of Rocket League begins.
Steam Accounts using the "Family Sharing" feature that do not own Rocket League can no longer queue for competitive playlists.

Added "Disable Stat Notifications" option. This prevents the HUD popups for things like First Touch, Clears, Shots, and Saves from appearing on-screen during matches.
Added "Hide Competitive Divisions" option. Skill Group (Prospect I, Challenger III, etc.) will remain visible, but you will not see your current division, or division up/down notifications.
The default selection for the Reconnect popup for competitive matches is now "Yes".
Custom markers added to Replays will now be saved when closing the replay.


Venom's spoiler can now move again.
The rim in "Hoops" will no longer cause the match to end if the ball hits it after time has expired.
Fixed visibility issues caused by the rim/arena in "Hoops".
Fixed "Thermal" Rocket Trails sound FX
Fixed an issue that caused the post-training audio to play at abnormally high volumes

Rocket League

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