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Tekken World Tour finals: Group Stage recap

We've been here watching all of it unfold.

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The Tekken World Tour finals in San Francisco is well and truly underway, and the 16 players, divided into groups of four, have now been whittled down to just eight, with two advancing from each group to make up the playoff stage. We're here to give you a recap of all the groups, as well as all the fighters and the matches that impressed.

Group 1 had Evo champion JDCR in it (who a lot of fighters avoided when it came to selecting groups), but Fergus, Joey Fury, and P.Ling were there to give it a go, the latter qualifying on a technicality after another player couldn't attend the tournament. It's no shock that JDCR took home a clean 3-0 record, but it wasn't flawless, as P.Ling at times pushed him on the backfoot, but overall JDCR was sturdy and consistent. This left a close battle between Irishman Fergus and American player Joey Fury to decide who would advance, but Joey Fury just edged it at the end of it all.

The fighters in Group 2 included Danish player Blackbeard and American talent Speedkicks, who faced off in a very close duel, Speedkicks having a similarly close match against Super Akouma, the French player. It wasn't good for the Europeans at the end of it all though, as both Blackbeard and Super Akouma were eliminated while veteran pro Qudans and Speedkicks made it through.

Group 3 had a variety of talent as well, including British fighter KaneAndTrench, not to mention Anakin, Noroma, and Tissuemons. Tissuemons did the Europeans proud, as the Italian progressed top of his group, but KaneAndTrench's work as Yoshimitsu didn't produce the same results. With Noroma and Anakin battling for a place in the playoffs, then, it was a close match between two Jack 7s to decide it, before Anakin switched to Paul in an attempt to save his chances, a decision that unfortunately didn't pay off.

The last group to play, Group 4, arguably had the best and most exciting matches, the crowd producing some of the most energetic moments of the event so far. Saint's great match against JimmyJTran was followed by another entertaining one between Nobi and Knee, but JimmyJTran vs Knee was the highlight, as the former produced a stunning comeback in the very last game to seal the deal and win the match. Saint produced consistent (but close) results to go through at the top of this group, with American JimmyJTran continuing to thrill with his match against Nobi to send him through.

What was your highlight of the group stage?

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